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Some fun ‘What’s Your Number?’ goodies.

So I have production notes and the original script of What’s Your Number? for sharing! The link for the production notes is below, but please leave your email in a comment and follow me for the script, if you want it. It’s truly amazing, I loved it. It’s pretty long too, but it took me a day to read it. ENJOY!


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*From Extended Version* Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

*From Extended Version*
Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

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What’s Your Number? Now on Blu-Ray & DVD!

Oh yes, it’s finally here. What’s Your Number? now on Blu-Ray and DVD, and they all include the Extended Edition, oh except for the DVD copy in the Blu-Ray! :| So, I can’t post any pictures from the new scenes - which are by far the funniest scenes in the movie! Can’t believe they got cut for the theatrical version! Anyways, here’s a few pictures of the Blu-Ray and a few snapshots from the DVD version! At least the Digital Copy is the Unrated version! So, I can travel with my laptop with the amazing Unrated version! (I just found out when I clicked onto iTunes). Now I’m happier. :) The Blu-Ray comes with a great slipcover (but mine has a razor scratch on the side, but I’m not gonna let it bother me. :D ).

Here’s a picture of the back of the case. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. There’s the slipcover next to it. It includes a (sexy) picture of Anna Faris and a few pictures of her ex-lovers.

Here’s the inside, there’s no layout picture inside. The Blu-Ray disc has a picture of Anna and Chris Evans and the DVD has the number heart on it. The digital copy code has a few mini pictures from the movie and promotional stills and those are my 5 movie stubs and the slipcover.

Here’s a closeup of the discs. Amazing aren’t they? ;)

Here’s another closeup on the digital copy insert and my ticket stubs.

What’s Your Number (Ex-tended Edition) is now available on 2-Disc Blu-Ray combo pack and 1-Disc DVD. Go buy or order your copy today!

*View snapshots from DVD below

"Can you help me move the table three feet that way? I like it better over there."  What’s Your Number?

That awkward moment when Anna Faris basketball double is seen and obviously doesn’t look like Anna.

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What’s Your Number? 01/10/12 - Official USA Release

FINALLY! What’s Your Number? got an official release date. And the Blu-Ray release will also include a DVD and a Digital Copy! The Blu-Ray will come with an EX-TENDED EDITION which will be UNRATED of course, and it will also include the theatrical version as well. Special features will also include…..


The release date is set for January 10, 2012! So either pre-order it at FOXCONNECT.COM or buy the first day it releases, maybe Target will have some exclusive or Best Buy - maybe a soundtrack CD? I don’t know, I’m just f-in excited! WOOOOO!

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“….The Government Weed….”

“….The Government Weed….”

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